FX Derivatives

Simplicity Redefined with Bi-Directional Trading

Enjoy quick profits and fast-paced trading with Effort Trading’s FX derivatives. Traders can execute long or short-term contracts from a wide range of tradeable markets and assets and earn from big payouts for small movements.

Our traders enjoy:
  • A range of expiry timeframes, anywhere from 5 minutes to as low as 60 seconds
  • Pre-determined pay-outs of up to 80%
  • A wide range of currency pairs and asset types to choose from
  • Low minimum investments required
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Product List

Forex Derivatives

  • AUD/JPYbo
  • NZD/JPYbo
  • AUD/USDbo
  • NZD/USDbo
  • EUR/GBPbo
  • USD/CADbo
  • EUR/JPYbo
  • USD/CHFbo
  • EUR/USDbo
  • USD/JPYbo
  • GBP/JPYbo
  • XAU/USDbo
  • GBP/USDbo
  • XAG/USDbo